XMessage is an application that gives you the ability to send anonymous text to anyone you know.
It could be one of your friends, colleague's, or relatives...
People usually have something to say anonymously and will use this application to interact with you.


You can contact anyone you have in your contacts using their phone number.
you also have the option to contact people with the username they create when they use XMessage, this username is used in case a user wants to
get anonymous messages without publishing his/her number on social media for example.
When a user creates his username, a link is generated to be able to share it in various applications for anyone to easily click on it
to directly send an anonymous message to this exact user.
After any message is received, the user will be notified and the message will be added to his/her inbox.
Any received message has its reply button so that the user can also anonymously reply to the sender of the message.
This setup gives a user an anonymous chat experience.
Also, along with the in-app message, you can send it via SMS so that the receiver will directly read it. and will be notified to reply using XMessage
You can send an SMS to a username without knowing the phone number!


Is my identity safe?

You identity is anonymous to the receiver and will always be anonymous, in sending and replying cases.

Are all the messages sent by SMS?

Messages are only viewed using the XMessage portal and will not be sent via SMS unless you use credits to do so.

Message fees?

In-app messages are free and will always be free, but the SMS option is paid